Fall 2014 Fashion Colors Bring Vitality to Trendy Design Styles

Pantone Fall 2014 Fashion Color Report

Pantone Fall 2014 Fashion Color Report (Photo credit: savannahchik)

Fall 2014 Fashion Colors take Us to the Tropics, the Ocean and the Stars

Looking at the color palettes from ColorSolutionsInternational and Fashionising brings a tingle of excitement for women who like vibrant color, rich textures and great style.

Several designers like Alfred Tumblin have drawn attention to this emerging trend for using colors cranberry and ice blue to create jaw-dropping designs.

This should be a fabulous season for emerging fashion designers, particularly on the grassroots/urban scene. Many of these colors strike a cultural chord in street and hip-hop fashion, particularly ink, charcoal,loden and honey mustard.

When if comes to the bolder colors of the tropics, it’s almost a given that they will draw attention. This year the heavenly neutrals give their brighter cousins a run for their money with rich cocoa, ivory, dove grey and nude. The subtle quality of these colors is intriguing and makes for a new way to let your beauty shine.

Romantic hues offer women a chance to let their softer side enjoy the spotlight with the warming hues of carnation and lilac. Autumn weddings will surely see these colors in all their glory.

The Fall 2014 fashion colors can bring a unique flavor to every style as we move from the heat of the summer to the balmy feel of the autumn season. The bold colors of tangerine and caution yellow help make it easy to say goodbye to the long summer nights we’ve enjoyed.

With the vintage and retro influence still on the fashion waves, the tailoring has become much more detailed moving away from the unstructured look. And there is more attention than every of the beauty of the female form with designs that accentuate the waistline and flowing curves. The deep mysterious colors of the ocean such as cobalt, deep emerald and teal drawn out your feminine mystique.

Juan Carlos Obando
There are many up & coming designers who have become known for their use of several of the outstanding fall 2014 fashion colors to make head-turning fashion statements including Juan Carlos Obando who has been rocking the rich, sensual color quality of jewels in his collections. Combining these hues with luscious fabrics and sexy, flowing style, his designs make women look gorgeous.

For many emerging fashion designers, Obando’s story can serve as inspiration. Self-taught and determined to succeed, he changed his career path from graphic designer to fashion designer to fill the need for sensational fashions that make women look fabulous whatever their size.

Shopping for fashion for women with serious curves should be a lot more enjoyable this year, thanks to the fashion industry’s spotlight on women who wear sizes 14 and up. The upgraded styling of everyday wear for work or play promises to take full advantage the fall 2014 fashion colors to create many exciting outfits this year.




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