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Emerging Fashion Designers – the Evolution of Global Style

Emerging fashion designers not only represent the future of the clothes, shoes and accessories we will wear; the creative spark extends to home and office furnishings as well.

The world of style has never been more exciting; due to advanced communication abilities around the world, designers are following the hearts combining a myriad of influences from the world of art, cultural traditions and history.

When it comes to universal appeal, truly fashion has no borders and the global marketplace has created vast opportunities for these talented individuals to shorten the distance between their design pattern and the fashion buyer.

Countries, states and cities are becoming even more aware of the tremendous influence fashion has on industry; the number of related occupations and careers connected to this fascinating profession is totally amazing.

Where once the Fashion Capitals of the world were few in number today this list has expanded to include almost every major city on the globe. The Brooklyn Fashion Week{end} wrapped on Sunday, September 30th to rave reviews.

And within the next two weeks Johannesburg and New Jersey Fashion Weeks continue. Starting Oct. 13th the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo hits the runway with designers Hiromichi Ochiai, Takeshi Osumi (on the 14th) and Chinami Kamishima (Oct. 15th) as the headliners. The month of October is hectic! Here are a list of the show for the last two weeks of the month follow this link for complete details:

    • Los Angeles Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013
    • Russia Fashion Week
    • Aurora Fashion Week Russia
    • Johannesburg Fashion Week
    • Dubai Fashion Week
    • China Fashion Week

Each of these fashion shows will put fresh new talent in front of a world audience being streamed live over the Internet. Be sure to tune and check out the latest styles.
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Hiromichi Ochiai

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