Black High Heels for a Night on the Town

black high heels

When you’re ready to strut your stuff, black high heels make sure you get noticed!

As our little black dress photo contest for winds down, we thought it only fitting to show off some splendid choices of black high heels to provide a few choices to polish off your look. Shoes are anĀ  essential but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring!

Whether you are walking or dancing, the shoes you choose to wear can make or break your fashion statement.

How to select the right high heels? It’s not as easy as it seems. The desire to look our best can sometimes cause us to make bad choices, especially when it comes to shoes. But the other side of wearing 4 or 5 inch high heels can be very scary; sprained ankles, lower back pain along with bunions and corns. Even high fashion models have refused to wear heels of this height on the runway.Experts advise women to be smart and choose solid brands when shopping for high heels. Designers like Dana Davis are joining the campaign to have beauty and safety in high heels. It’s worth the extra $$$ for a pair of well-made shoes that fit your foot like a glove.

The other thing to keep in mind when shopping for black high heels (or any other color for that matter) is where you will be wearing them. Stiletto heels (or “limo” shoes as my friend Mimi calls them) may be sexy, but taking them for a walk down the city block may be pushing your luck. Walking in these heels on uneven pavements is an invitation to disaster.

With these thoughts in mind, we have chosen a few examples to include in our curated collection from BeBe, Paris Hilton, Just Fab, Two Lips and more! Take a look at these fabulous black high heels and go shopping!


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