Designer Kia VonVega:  her Instagram page reveals a fashion designer who focuses on maximizing the curves of a woman’s body.

The Clear Boutique collection of dresses, skirts, shorts and tops sizzles with the kind of seductive glamor that make men weak in the knees. Using a combination of sexy cuts, visually stimulating patterns, bold colors and rich textured fabrics, Kia VonVega has brought excitement to the forefront of women’s fashion for every season from 2006. Watch the video:

The outstanding promotion of the Clear Boutique collection during NY Fashion week on September 26th by Davina Reichman, CEO of NYC Fashion Runway, had fashionistas waiting anxiously in line to see this celebrity designers creations for Spring/Summer 2015.

The buzz on the street about the collection has lead to rave reviews by,, The Brazilian Times along with a in-depth review by Larry Boyd, Fashion Reporter for, here are a few examples:

Kia VonVega: "Pink Mate Mettalic" Dress

Kia VonVega: "Glitter Bra Set"

Kia VonVega: "La Mint" Dress








All of attention being paid to this talent is a culmination of years of work. Fashion design has been a part of Kia VonVega’s life from the beginning; her grandfather was the first man in Trinidad to begin a production line of jeans.

From this source of inspiration Kia has added her own innovative style to create a line of apparel that has captured the attention of women with a passion for fashion. Celebrities who have experienced the thrill of these designs include the entertainer Kaylin Garcia, along with Angela Yee the radio host of “The Breakfast Club” and Kimbella, former star of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Kia VonVega stated that she wanted to: “design something that would let women show off their bodies, feel sexy and confident, flirty and glamorous all at the same time while transitioning from beautiful day wear into night wear.”

This talented fashion designer has done that and more: she has created a collection that speaks to women around the world. Here are clothes that are fun to wear, empower self-esteem and proudly express the eternal allure of feminine beauty in all of its variations. From classic to avant-garde style, the Clear Boutique is the fashion hot-spot for women who want to turn heads when they walk into a room. The response to Kia VonVega’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection at the New York Fashion Week event proves that she is one of a kind fashion designer and definitely one to follow.

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